To provide light and inspiration from your angels, archangels, and guides so you can fulfill your life's purpose to the fullest extent while finding the joy and peace the angels want you to have.


 Angel Tarot & Oracle Card Readings available.

Thank you for visiting Anna's Angel Wings. Angel Card Readings are where your own angels or guides provide you guidance regarding relationships, careers, or any other concerns you may have. No part of our lives is considered insignificant by the angels.


  • 3 Card Spread
  • 5 Card Spread
  • Multiple Decks Spread (8 or 10 cards)
  • Celtic Cross Spread 
  • Choices Spread

I will choose which decks to work with when you request a reading. However, if there is one specific deck you would like used, please let me know. The majority of the decks I use in readings are created by Doreen Virtue. Both Tarot decks she has also partnered with Radleigh Valentine to create. Some of her other decks she has co-created with James Van Praagh, Robert Reeves, and Charles Virtue. I also have decks by Colette Baron-Reid to choose from.

The angels only use me as a tool to deliver their messages to you. The messages are theirs. If you'd like a reading from me, just select which spread you want. All card readings are done by email or facebook. In the future, Skype and phone readings will be added. Everyone has the ability to tune into messages from their angels themselves. One of the most successful ways is to start by meditating, then follow the guidance you receive to become more intuitive. 



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